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Simplifon welcomes you to a great world of opportunities to monetize the unutilized bandwidth available at your premises by becoming a Public Data Office (PDO) or joining as a Public Data Office Aggrertator (PDOA) using our technology under the PM-WANI scheme of Govt of India.

PM-WANI is a Central Government Initiative aiming to improve the quality of Internet services offered and to assure high-speed WiFi connectivity at every corner of India. With the PM-WANI scheme, anyone with a high-speed broadband connection can resell their unused data and earn an additional income. Also, the Wi-Fi users will be offered high-strength internet at affordable pricing.


Industry Leading Features

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    Radius Server

    Our solution has a highly reliable AAA RADIUS server which is integrated with Central Registry as per the guidelines.

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    Intuitive Dashboard

    Allows management and monitoring of all the WiFi hotspots and users from a single, intuitive dashboard.

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    PM-WANI Access Points

    Low-cost, WiFi hotspot Indoor and Outdoor access points. Fully designed and manufactured in India. Blazing speeds and excellent coverage.

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    Native Mobile App

    Fully PM-WANI compliant native app for Android and iOS. User-friendly and intuitive UI to help users navigate and discover WANI-compliant hotspots.

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    Payment Gateways

    Our solution is integrated with the leading payment gateway providers in India for easy and seamless payment collection.

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    In-house Support

    Our highly-experienced in-house technical team is always ready to assist you if you need any help or assistance.


Our Journey with PM-WANI

February, 2022

Certified as Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA) and App Provider at PM-WANI Central Registry.

January, 2022

Registered as Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA) and App Provider at Department of Telecommunications, Government of India for the PM-WANI scheme.

Outreach by the Numbers

Wireless Consumers across India


Wireless Consumers across India
Public Data Offices across India


Public Data Offices across India
Bandwidth Transferred as of now


Bandwidth Transferred as of now
Public Data Office Aggregator Partners


Public Data Office Aggregator Partners
PM-WANI Compliant Mobile App


PM-WANI Compliant Mobile App
Our Offerings

Our end-to-end PM-WANI Solutions

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    Join as a PDO with a PM-WANI compliant wireless device with internet from any ISP is the only requirement and unleash the opportunity to earn from your unused internet bandwidth.

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    PDOA Solution

    As an aspiring PDOA Service Provider, you can launch PM-WANI services using our cloud-based platform. A ready PM-WANI certified and compliant platform with a native mobile app.

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    PM-WANI Mobile App

    A Fully PM-WANI compliant app with custom branding and advertisements. User-friendly and intuitive UI to help users navigate and discover WANI-compliant hotspots.

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